September 01, 2021

Common misunderstandings in hair...

Misunderstanding 1: Think that hair loss is hair loss.

Hair loss and hair loss are two different things. Hair loss is a product of human metabolism and is a normal physiological phenomenon. Hair loss is also a pathological phenomenon in which hair follicles are damaged leading to hair loss.

A person has more than 100,000 hairs, and it is normal to lose 50-100 hairs naturally every day. The hair environment is healthy, the hair in each period will have a certain proportion of distribution, and the new hair and the shed hair will maintain a dynamic balance.

Furthermore, there is a very obvious symptom of hair loss, that is, the hair falls a lot, grows less, or even not long, and the more it falls, the more the scalp is exposed, and the hairline is getting higher and higher. .

So, first determine whether your hair loss is within the normal range, and then perform hair loss treatment. If the hair loss is treated blindly, it may cause problems for a healthy scalp.

Misunderstanding 2: Black sesame seeds and Polygonum multiflorum can cure disease.

Due to the combination of endogenous and exogenous factors that cause hair loss, there is currently no research to support that Shibu can grow or prevent hair loss.

If you do have serious hair loss problems, you must see a doctor. Don't put your 除疤膏.

Knowing that I can prescribe the right remedy, and the same is true for hair loss. To get rid of hair loss anxiety, we must first grasp the cycle of hair from birth to loss.

Misunderstanding 3: Use ginger to smear the scalp blindly.

It is also a common operation to wipe the scalp with ginger slices.

Ginger extract does have a certain effect on the growth of hair, especially alopecia areata, but it is necessary to use the "ginger extract" extracted by professionals, rather than the ginger slices bought from the vegetable market, washed twice and cut into two slices. If you apply ginger blindly, it may also cause dermatitis due to improper use, and it will aggravate hair loss, so this method is not suitable for everyone who loses hair.

Misunderstanding 4: Too much belief in hair growth and anti-loss shampoo.

In recent years, various hair growth shampoos and anti-dropping shampoos have been sold hot, but in fact, there is no medical evidence to prove that shampoo has the effect of hair growth. It is useless if it is more direct!

The Advertising Law stipulates that the word "therapeutic" should not appear in the promotion of shampoo-type shampoo, indicating that shampoo is a daily necessities, and the most important thing is cleaning, that is, washing the scalp and hair. There is no effect.

Misunderstanding 5: Blindly transplanting hair.

Transplant surgery is indeed a way to treat hair loss. Hair transplant surgery is actually to uproot the "dominant donor" hair on the back of the head and plant it on the bald area. But it should be noted that the survival rate of hair transplantation is not considered first. Even if each hair is alive, hair transplantation will not increase the total number of hairs and will not reverse the hair loss process. Some hair follicles in patients with hair loss are not atrophy and necrosis. It is obvious that medicine can be used to treat hair loss, but it still costs money to grow hair.

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