August 10, 2021

How to browse the Guangdong-Hong...

Although this question shows its significance to Guangdong, and other answers also show its impact on Guangdong, we might as well look at the significance of the Greater Bay Area to Hong Kong from another angle.

It is one of the four largest bay areas in the world.

The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is a suburban group greater bay area opportunities of two equivalent areas in Hong Kong and Macau, together with Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Huizhou, Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Jiangmen and Zhaoqing. At first glance, the concept is similar to the context of the past cooperation and development of the Greater pearl River Delta region. However, HSBC Asia pacific consultant Liang Zhaoji pointed out that the old Greater pearl River Delta region lacked the nature of integration in cooperation. To coordinate, for example, cities in Guangdong province serve as manufacturing production bases, and cities in Guangdong province serve as manufacturing production bases, attracting Hong Kong businessmen to set up factories in the north, and comprehensively improving production efficiency, thereby promoting the economic development of the entire region. The two are different in nature, but the Greater pearl River Delta can be regarded as the predecessor of the Greater Bay Area.

The 12-year community system-peiwen Huizhou Experimental School of peking University has accumulated strong strength in the Greater pearl River Delta region, prompting the country to decide to further integrate the existing development foundation of this region to form the concept of constructing the Greater Bay Area. "For the gradual implementation of the blueprint of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, the most important thing is to build a complete transportation network and ecological circle, and drive cities in the region to make good use of their own industrial advantages and merge with each other to produce greater synergy. The ultimate goal is to become One of the four largest bay areas in the world, the same as the New York Bay Area, San Francisco Bay Area, and Tokyo Bay Area.

In terms of transportation network, Dagangwan must be equipped with a tight transportation system to effectively connect different cities. At this stage, as more than 90% of the main bridge of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge has been completed, and Hong Kong and Guangdong have signed a single-site two-site inspection arrangement for the high-speed rail project, the transportation network in the region is gradually being formed, which will help to converge the entire Industrial clusters in the zone.

"In fact, the basic development factors of Big Bell are basically in place. The areas where the consumption power of residents are also rising, and the advantages of the cities are obvious. For example, it is an international center, Shenzhen is an innovation and technology center, and Guangzhou is a global trade center. , Zhongshan has been built into a modern equipment manufacturing base, etc. As the Greater Bay Area is more closely connected with cities, the future will further enhance the level of market integration and bring greater economic benefits to the entire region.

Relatively speaking, Hong Kong’s regulatory regulations and systems are different from those of the Mainland. In the face of future disputes with Jiucheng and rural areas in Guangdong province on enterprises and other aspects, when there is a need to carry out arbitration, they are in different mechanisms. Conduct discussions and negotiations to determine the regulatory standards and legal systems that will be used to resolve disputes in the future. The relevant successful experience can be applied to different economic systems, such as future free trade zones.

As an international financial center, Hong Kong is expected to do its best in the Greater Bay Area in the future, and promote economic development in the region to facilitate the transformation of the industrial Internet. Hong Kong can also leverage the advantages of the Greater Bay Area to further enhance its competitiveness in global financial development. .

"Digital economy and financial technology are the development trends of today's international financial city. However, because the local market has only a few million people, in the long run, it is difficult to support the expanding large-scale financial system to further improve the level of financial technology. The emergence of the Bay Area It will provide a huge market for our financial development. In addition, the language and culture of Guangdong province are also very common in Hong Kong. Hong Kong businessmen can easily integrate into this market. This will help accelerate the pace of development and achieve results, which may be better than Overseas cities along the Belt and Road are more attractive."

Looking at the Greater Bay Area from the perspective of Hong Kong, we can obtain a different perspective and have a clear context for the development of the entire Greater Bay Area.

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